Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABCYou may not want to think about Lost ending, but you must. The actors sure are. Take Daniel Dae Kim. After shooting the Hawaii Five-O remake pilot opposite Alex O’Loughlin, he’s set to star in the feature film Deathgames, with Samuel L. Jackson and Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz. According to the Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog, he’ll play a prisoner, like Lutz, forced by a big bad (Jackson) to fight in a modern gladiator arena to entertain the online masses. His character is described as “an artist who happens to be a master of kendo (samurai-style sword fighting), a skill that comes in handy when he competes for his life and his wife’s.” It sounds a little Gymkata-y, but who wouldn’t want to costar in a film with Jackson playing an evil mastermind. The scenery will be chewed, and it will be delicious! Plus, he gets to kick a little ass, show his emotional side, and only wait two hours to know how the story ends. Well done, I say.

What would you like to see the stars of Lost do next? Get creative. Write them a role in an existing show (like how about Jorge Garcia doing a guest arc on The Big Bang Theory next season as some kind of nemesis for Sheldon?), or put them in a film that’s been announced but has yet to be cast…. You might just see your pitches in an gallery.

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