As if The Jersey Shore omnipresence wasn’t annoying enough, now the MTV reality show is taking over a revered — to me anyway — pop culture icon: Archie comics. Come July, the Riverdale gang is heading to the Riverdale Shore, a debaucherous, GTL-laden locale modeled after the Jersey Shore.

In the issue, Archie and co. meet and mingle with their tanned counterparts, who also happen to be the cast of a fictional reality show, and soon the once-wholesome Riverdale crew want to be reality stars, too. In fact, they’re so infatuated with the Riverdale Shore contingent that they get Jersey Shore-style makeovers — from carrot-hued tans to hair bumps and gels.

Having been an avid Archie comic collector when I was younger, I was totally infatuated with their simple world, where their biggest problems were Archie’s jalopy and Jughead’s hunt for a burger and fries. Now that they’ve gone all MTV on us, what’s next? Will Lindsay Lohan be the new kid in town? Will Archie cheat on Veronica with a tattooed mistress?

The writers behind the Archie comics may be trying to reach a new audience, but stooping down to this level (i.e. Reggie is renamed “The Complication”) is a fast way to alienate loyal readers. Though I am curious to see if there will be a mallard-type phone in the house.

Who else is with me? What do you think of Archie & Friends riffing off The Jersey Shore?