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Image Credit: MTVRaise your hand if an hour and a half of catching up with teen moms was a bit much for you. Yeah, me too. Or perhaps I’m just used to profanity-riddled “reunion” specials where castmates go at each other like lions fighting over a rotting carcass in the wildness. None of that happened on this 16 and Pregnant post-finale special. The closest we got was Dr. Drew Pinsky acting as though teen mom tears were the only source for his secret power of faux empathy. But that wasn’t nearly as entertaining to watch as profane belligerents; in fact, it was borderline awkward.

But to its credit, the special updated us on what the teen moms from season 2 have been up to besides crying, wearing lots eye makeup, and parenting. Specifically, we got relationship dish. Here’s what we learned:

++ Despite their tough time as teen parents, Lizzie and Nicole are currently sexually active, but are using birth control.

++ Jenelle is still bickering with her mom but is in counseling.

++ Nikkole is still trying to work it out with Josh. (No!!!)

++ Leah went running back to Robbie a few times, but wants to get back with Corey (who really seemed uninterested).

++ Chelsea is done with the emotionally abusive Adam for good.

++ Valerie is back with Matt, who has moved back to their hometown.

++ Kailyn from last night’s episode is engaged to her baby’s father.

++ Samantha is living with Eric, and their endlessly bickering moms haven’t talked since the baby’s birth.

++ Lori is happy her mom pressured her into adoption and loves Cory, who admitted she needs to ”get over” him.

Reads like a great teen novel, no?

Anyway, did you watch this 90-minute tear-fest, PopWatchers? What stood out to you? Did Dr. Drew make you squirm too? And are you hoping for a season 3?

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