Image Credit: Craig BlankenhornOr are Manolos, like Cosmos, not in anymore? Should I be saying Louboutins or something?

Anyway, it looks like Sex and the City fans can stop “wondering” when tickets for the sequel are going on sale, because they’re already available — and selling like Magnolia cupcakes more than a month before the premiere of the film. Demand must be high, since Iron Man 2, a film that is equally anticipated, has yet to make its tickets available, even though that sequel premieres on May 7, 10 days before SATC2. And a Fandango spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter that SATC 2 tickets outsold tickets for current films like Kick-Ass, and made up for 20 percent of their daily sales when tickets first became available.

So, PopWatchers, will you be buying your ticket early? Will you and your three stylish pals be making a day of the premiere? And are you more, less, or equally excited for the follow-up as you were for the first?

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