By Kate Ward
April 20, 2010 at 03:00 PM EDT

As all of us House fans read yesterday over on Michael Ausiello‘s blog, executive producer Katie Jacobs is acknowledging that a Thirteen-Chase union could be a possibility in the future. Of course, they’re not confirming anything yet, but I can’t help but angrily eat some office chocolate and mourn this possibility while using Adobe to craft a Thirteen dartboard. Because, in my delusional world, Chase is mine. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who bears a resemblance to Jesse Spencer (yes, I’m bragging, sorry), which makes me brim with jealousy whenever I see Chase romancing any of his coworkers. I’m even pretty sure that back when Cameron was hooking up with Chase, I actually screamed at my television, “Cameron, back off my man!” before realizing I was talking about fictional people who exist inside a television set that does not respond to my angry comments.

Of course, since the person I’m currently dating looks like Chase, my jealousy does seem a teensy, leeettle big logical, right? But what if I told you I have felt the same jealousy towards people I’ve never met who do not look remotely like anyone I’ve dated? I’m crazy, right? I totally am. Because, as a child, I couldn’t bear to watch the Home Improvement episodes featuring Randy’s girlfriend Michelle, because did she ever defend JTT’s looks in the great sixth grade debate of who’s hotter: JTT or Taylor Hanson? I was the one college girl who didn’t tune into Newlyweds because it would make me feel the sting of knowing my 13-year-old crush, Nick Lachey, had already found true love with someone else who thought 98 Degrees and Rising was a totally catchy album with awesome spoken word verses. (For the time being, at least.) And then there were those kinky, difficult-to-watch cage scenes involving Lost‘s Sawyer, who just didn’t deserve that Kate, because he belonged to this Kate. At least, in my Davidoff Cool Water-scented dreams. (I will, however, let his relationship with Juliet slide. I’ve hit the seventh stage of acceptance when it comes to that hook-up.)

What about you, PopWatchers? Have you ever found yourself too jealous to enjoy an on-screen relationship? (Come on, Office fans. You know that you wanted to throw up in that this-is-so-not-fair kind of way after watching the Jim-Pam kiss on Casino Night.) Please tell me I am not alone here. For my psychological well-being.

P.S. I left out the part about me hoping at the end of Lord of the Rings that Elijah Wood would end up single because I had a crush on him AS A HOBBIT. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?