By Annie Barrett
Updated April 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

The glittering bounty of Hidden Gem of the Week nominations in the comments section of Tuesday morning’s Dancing With the Stars recap was so rich in bitchy randomness that I decided to compile them all in a post. After the jump, a smattering of Visible Gems! Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions.

By far the most-nominated Gem of the week: “The biggest, blondest, curliest wig I’ve ever seen. And no, it was not Pamela Anderson.” —Aurora, seconded by Scooter, CR, s-diver43, Sami, Liz, Presto, Melissa, IAA Evan, kt, KellBell NYC, me, Lorie, and Suzequ

“During Derek and Nicole’s dance, at one point you could only see her wig above the woman in front of her. It was like the front lady’s head exploded into a mushroom cloud of blond hair.” —JH

“Later on, there was a similar effect as it looked like Frank Carroll (SP?) had long blond locks from the woman sitting behind him.” —MLM

“Cheryl looks like she has tiger print rabbit ears/antennae in this picture.” —Ceballos (referring to the Week 5 Crazy Costume Watch photo gallery)

“Hidden gem: Derek sniffing the shoe during the shopping sequence when Nicole is trying on clothes? Shoe sniffing? What the heck?” —Staci, seconded by REALLY?, IAA Evan, and glenn

“When Damien & Pamela were talking after their dance about the props, Pam made a quick grab of her own ‘props.'” —JH, seconded by plygal and Angel

“It’s hard to spot, but as the show came back from commercial and Brooke was about to interview Pamela in the celebriquarium, Chad was in the background showing off his tattoos (or chest?) to Anna Tre-BUN-skaya.” —Brad, seconded by JH

“Hidden Gem is Tony silently screaming and pleading with his eyes for us to free him.” —KC

“My hidden gem of the week: Louis pointing to Niecy’s jiggly parts during the opening credits, making his ‘O’ face. Like it was a preview of things to come.” —Bailey Boo, seconded by JH, Staci, and ttshoe

“Hidden Gem: The trumpet player’s sparkly wedding band at the end of the introduction of our stars!” —Tiffany

“There were so many Hidden Gems last night. My favourite was the black shirt Maks was wearing during rehearsal. On the back of it was a sparkly skull with a sparkly dagger in each eye.” —glenn

“I loved Bruno’s look when Carrie Ann was speaking about Kate.” —Care, seconded by Angel, jmr, and lunchboxx

“Right behind Kate and Tony when they were being interviewed, Jake and Niecy did a sweet little head touch. So random. So awesome.” —IAA Evan

“This one is more of a Hidden Gem query: Why was Nicole doing the beginning of her confessional from her grandmother’s living room?” —IAA Evan

When Evan and Anna were in their practice space they cut to Anna giggling and there was this random star hanging from the ceiling behind her….” —IAA Evan

“On Tuesday night, roles reversed and Evan had a corner star too!” —Annie not wanting to write her recap

GEM #1: When Tom was talking right after Maks and Erin’s scores, the ghost of Golden Girl Estelle Getty was sitting in the front row and actually tilted her head to peer out from over Tom’s right shoulder. —Lin

GEM #2: The spotlight perfectly superimposed on Evan’s leg as they posed to start their dance. Was he receiving an extra jolt of DWTS pixie dust power?” —Lin

“Hidden Gem: Jake trying to do fancy tricks with the volleyball in his rehersal segment and failing miserably.” —Anonymous, seconded by IAA Evan

“Hidden gem from last night was the metal dancing sculpture of a girl with her arms uplifted (seen behind Pam during rehearsal). Made me think of the Goddess DANCMSTR begging us to FREE TONY!!” —Kaye

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