By Darren Franich
Updated April 19, 2010 at 07:34 PM EDT

Image Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage.comMark Hamill will always be Luke Skywalker, but his geek bona fides stretch beyond Star Wars. Besides a scene-stealing cameo in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and a devastatingly funny guest appearance on The Simpsons, Hamill was arguably the best Joker ever — he voiced the supervillain in various Batman cartoons. Expanding his dominion within the nerdosphere, the actor just hinted that he’ll be moving forward with an adaptation of his comic book series The Black Pearl, a superhero satire focused on media sensationalism.

I haven’t read Pearl, but between Kick-Ass, the upcoming Scott Pilgrim, and the totally weird Defendor, the timing seems about right for a dark-comedy riff on comic book heroism. After all, this summer will mark ten years since the release of X-Men, the film that jumpstarted the whole superhero trend. Maybe people are ready for a little bit of deconstruction. And who doesn’t love a good media satire? 15 Minutes, anyone? Anyone?

Would you watch Hamill’s The Black Pearl, PopWatchers? Or should he stick to dinner-theater productions of Guys and Dolls?