By Michael Ausiello
April 19, 2010 at 03:39 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mike Yarish/FoxWill it be Chateen or Thirace? I ask because, judging by my AA mailbag, there’s growing support for a Chase-Thirteen romance on House. Makes total sense on paper: They’re both pretty, they spend long hours together at work, they’re each coming off difficult breakups, and….did I mention they’re both really pretty?

“It’s so cool that people are saying that,” responds executive producer Katie Jacobs. “Chase and Thirteen have had an opportunity to do more scenes together alone than they have before, [but] if there’s something between them, [the fans] are out in front of it.”

That said, Jacobs acknowledges that a “certain chemistry” exists between Jesse Spencer and Olivia Wilde. “We like their work together,” she adds. “But we haven’t discussed whether that’s something we’re going to [do] next season.”

Should they decide to pull the trigger on a relationship, Jacobs & Co. already have a potential complication lined up: Jennifer Morrison may return as Chase’s ex Cameron for a handful of episodes. “The space that Cameron occupies in House‘s world is completely unique,” Jacobs says, “and it’s one that I hope to see more of.”

What say you, House fans? Are you pro- or anti-Chateen? Or is it Thirace? Sound off below!

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