By Tim Stack
Updated April 19, 2010 at 07:04 PM EDT
Credit: Beck Starr/

Image Credit: Beck Starr/WireImage.comThe sheer idea of pairing Jennifer “Vajazzler” Love Hewitt and Cybill Shepherd in a Lifetime movie sounds incredibly genius. But now that I’ve learned Shepherd will be playing a body waxer who discovers her daughter (Hewitt) is a lady of the night, I am even more on board for this movie. It’s one of those genius TV-movie plots that sounds like a spoof, but sadly is not. (It’s actually based on a true story!)

Between those Martha Stewart movies and Showtime’s The L Word, Shepherd has been seriously camping it up lately, so I expect full-throttle Mommie Dearest-style histrionics in this flick. I also cannot wait until the inevitable promotional interview on The View where Shepherd discusses doing research on body waxing in order to properly play this character. This as-yet-untitled-movie is the gift that keeps on giving. Another gift? This clip embedded after the jump of Cybill singing “The Menopause Blues”…you’re welcome.