Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks graces the new cover ofEsquire‘sWomen.”issue.Her curves look so good even I want to reach out and touch them. (Then ask her whose idea it was for her to eat watermelon seductively for an inside shot. I guess we’re supposed to be waiting for the juice to drip onto her ample cleavage? I suppose that’s more creative than having her lick an ice cream cone, which wouldn’t have matched her nail polish.)

Hendricks also penned an open letter to men revealing a number of truths about the way women think and what they want/don’t want from a man. Give it a read, guys. She speaks the truth about why you get laid (intelligence, humor, and your smell*), and offers helpful tips such as, use the word “panties” more, and “No shorts that go below the knee” and “Also, no tank tops.” I tend to agree with her on just about everything, save the statement “No man should be on Facebook.” I don’t consider that a deal breaker. Ladies, did Hendricks get it right?

* Anyone other than me still love the smell of Drakkar Noir? [Answer.]

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