Image Credit: Randy Holmes/ABCLast night’s Brothers & Sisters was the equivalent of running in place. Many storylines got a workout, but none actually moved forward: Kevin and gratuitously shirtless Scotty (approve) found out they were “half-pregnant”; Luc was packing (then not packing) but still hasn’t left for France; Rebecca transferred her $2 million into Ojai’s account to keep the company afloat while they dig deeper into the inconclusive geological survey results; York withdrew his offer but reserved the right to buy Ojai when they fail; and Kevin and Nora finally talked (about how they’re going to need to talk more).

For me, the most interesting turn of events was Robert not getting his top-secret job in Washington because his “resting heart rate exceeds their criteria.” I see two scenarios here: 1) The show is suddenly reestablishing that not all is well with Robert’s ticker so they can kill him off when Rob Lowe exits the show this season. 2) They want us to think that’s what they’re doing, so we’ll be surprised when he lives to go to Washington (assuming Kitty wins his Senate seat). Which do you want it to be? Which do you think it will be? Polls after the jump! (I want him to die — will be good TV — and I think the show is just crazy enough to do it.)

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