By Leah Greenblatt
Updated April 19, 2010 at 08:48 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kevin Kane/WireImage.comLess than three months after a seemingly Humpty-Dumptyed Aerosmith appeared destined for an inglorious, Steven-less end, the reconciled rockers sound full of sweet(ish) emotions.

This weekend, an August 14 hometown gig at Boston’s Fenway Park sold out in less than 24 hours; the string of scheduled European and South American tour dates—excepting a canceled Buenos Aires stop—are a go. And today, guitarist Joe Perry, who only recently seemed to be leading the Brutus-vs.-Ceasar brigade, spoke of frontman Tyler in fond, conciliatory tones.

Steven “didn’t really leave the band,” Perry tells Reuters today. “He made it very clear from the very beginning that he wasn’t going to leave the band and he just wanted some solo time.”

“The press kind of twisted it around to sell papers but you know the bottom line is I just knew things were just going to work themselves out,” he continued. “And he is back and he is stronger than ever.”

Perry does admit, though, that their friendship is not what it once was:“When our kids were younger and our kids were growing up together we were a lot closer together,” Perry said.”As the kids got older and they started going off their own ways and Steven ended up getting divorced … you know, the family get-together, we don’t really do that much any more. But it doesn’t interfere with the band.”

What about you, ‘Smithies? Are you cocked, locked, and ready to rock if the tour extends to wider American dates in late 2010?

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