By Vlada Gelman
April 19, 2010 at 10:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCJust as I was starting to heal from ABC Family’s cancellation of The Middleman — yes, I realize it’s been almost two years — comes word that I might need to be worried about the fate of another ABC Family series: the smart, witty 10 Things I Hate About You.

Last Friday, executive producer Carter Covington tweeted that the “show is on the bubble and we need all the eyeballs we can get!” Oh no, I thought and immediately added #save10things to my next tweet. Covington later tweeted that the “show still has a good chance at a pick up if we can show them how much fans love it!”

While ABC Family “hasn’t said much either way” about the show’s chances for a renewal, “they know how competitive the time slot is,” Covington tells “I know they love the show, but our ratings continue to slide week to week. I’m hoping our vocal and passionate fan base can let them know how much they love 10 Things.” (UPDATE: A rep for ABC Family told “We are four episodes into the run of 10 all-new episodes, and no decision has been made about any further pick up.”)

I know no better way to show my love for the show than to list 10 Things I Hate About the Idea of No More 10 Things:

1. The loss of a series that is intelligent, funny, and sweet in high school without ever being cruel.

2. No more watching Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck give Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger a run for their money in the chemistry department. Speaking of sparks, Patrick (Peck) shows off his jealous side in tonight’s new episode when Kat (Shaw) teams up with a handsome Brit in her campaign to get the school to adopt Meatless Mondays.

3. No more impeccably delivered zingers from Dana Davis’ Chastity.

4. Missing the inevitable double date episode.

5. Not getting my weekly dose of Ethan Peck’s dark eyes, deep voice, long locks — Oh, sorry, got a little distracted there.

6. Larry Miller’s overprotective, yet loving father joining Enrico Colantoni’s Keith Mars in the Awesome Canceled Dads Club.

7. Missing snappy dialogue like, “No more NPR. It’s giving me menopause.”

8. No more Ethan Peck on my TV every Monday. Did I mention that already?

9. It means Kim Jong-Il has won. Just ask Kat.

10. Spoiler alert! “This season will end with an AWESOME cliffhanger,” Covington reveals, “and I’ll be so upset if we don’t get to share what happens next!” So will I!

PopWatchers, are you as disappointed as I am to learn this charming show is on the bubble? Are you excited for tonight’s episode? If you’d like to do your part to make sure there’s many more episodes to come, Covington is urging fans to “tell one friend about the show – someone they think will appreciate our show’s quirky charm.”