By Nicole Sperling
April 17, 2010 at 03:37 PM EDT

Image Credit: Dan SmithPerhaps the fanboy audience that was panting for Matthew Vaughn’s reinvention of the superhero movie Kick-Ass was just too young to get in. The R-rated movie has been well-received by critics, but grossed less than $8 million Friday night, putting its weekend gross closer to the $20 million territory, rather than the $25-$30 million that many were predicting. The similarly R-rated Death at a Funeral, also struggled to lure an audience, even though Roger Ebert, calling it the “funniest comedy since The Hangover.” The film may have grossed less than $6 million on Friday, putting its three-day gross at a likely $17 million, less than the $19-$20 million many were predicting.

Holdovers performed well this week, perhaps buoyed by the under-18 crowd buying tickets for PG-13 rated films and sneaking into Kick-Ass. Whatever the reason, How to Train Your Dragon and Date Night are neck-in-neck after Friday night for a third-place finish at the box office derby. According to early results, Dragon fell around 40 percent for the frame, earning over $4 million on Friday for a 3-day total that is likely to reach $16 million. Date Night also seems likely to drop 40 percent for the weekend. It grossed over $5 million on Friday, but estimators predict it will gross between $16-$17 million. Clash of the Titans is still playing well. The Sam Worthington vehicle grossed around $4 million Friday putting its weekend total at $14.6 million, a number that, if it holds, would represent a 48 percent drop. Check back in tomorrow when I have full results.