By Annie Barrett
Updated April 16, 2010 at 04:31 PM EDT

Last night’s Saturday Night Live special “SNL in the 2000s” brought back a bunch of fun memories, pop-culture awareness, real-culture awareness (a real coup for me on a Thursday night), proof of Horatio Sanz before he became a supermodel, etc. The best part of the two-hour retrospective for me was the segment recalling “Debbie Downer at Disney World.” After the jump, relive the giggle fest before Mad Cow Disease ravages your brain.

I love those few seconds as Rachel Dratch mentally prepares to deliver the line “I can’t have children!” knowing she’s just gonna just laugh right through it. According to Dratch (WE MISS YOU), Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz were the only ones cracking up during rehearsal, so she naturally worried that they would ruin the sketch. Instead, everyone cracked up and ruined the sketch together — and, as a general rule in life, when everyone is laughing, nothing is ruined at all.

I feel somewhat weak-willed this morning and must admit I start laughing a few seconds in when Kenan Thompson’s waiter’s name was Billiam. I hope he and Tamela from Strangers With Candy somehow got together. Seems like she would’ve been pretty into Disney.

Which sketches did you love reliving during the SNL special? My runner-up was Christopher Walken’s “Colonel Angus.” Fun fact: Walken said it was mostly women who have approached him about that sketch. Not in a harrass-y way. Well, maybe.

Sidenote: Those green-screen backgrounds behind the interviewees during the special were INSANE.

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