Image Credit: Theo Wargo/; Gustavo Caballero/WireImage.comLooking for a casting combo you never considered but might really be obsessed with? Exhibit A: Iron Man 2 pro Samuel L. Jackson and Twilight/Nightmare on Elm Street hottie Kellan Lutz are in negotiations to star together in the indie action flick Deathgames, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As a sexy bonus, the story is yet another gladiator tale…sorta! The released logline reveals that the movie centers on Lutz, whose character is kidnapped and forced into “the savage world of a modern gladiator arena.” (I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind seeing Lutz scantily clad in gladiator uniform. I mean, right?!?) But then you have to consider that this is truly a gladiator set-up — i.e. the contemporary, voracious online masses are paying to see someone, possibly Lutz, bite it. Turns out Jackson, of course, is the mastermind behind the whole situation. The best part of Jackson’s role is that he apparently oversees the battles from his “computer lair with the help of twin ladies who see to his every desire.” Sorta like the Budweiser Twins maybe? Yes!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does a Jackson-Lutz combo — the younger in a gladiator thong and the older with sexy twins — sound appealing to you?

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