Learn all about EW's new must-have iPad app

By Jess Cagle
Updated April 16, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

All right, stop staring at Angelina Jolie on the cover and focus! Welcome to Entertainment Weekly’s annual Summer Movie Preview. As always, we give you the inside scoop on every movie coming out this summer, and we take you behind the scenes of Salt — an action thriller that stars Jolie in a role originally slated for Tom Cruise. We’ve also added a bonus feature that will enable you to watch movie trailers on your smartphone. We hope you’ll keep this issue around all summer to help plan your moviegoing — or at least so you can stare at Angelina’s tattoos, which are helpfully annotated for you on page 5.

In other news, one of EW’s most popular weekly features, the Must List, is now a must-have iPad app. It’s a perfect digital extension of the magazine’s Must List — 10 things we love each week, including movies, TV shows, books, songs, games, nutty websites, and more. On the iPad, it comes to life: You can watch trailers, buy movie tickets and books, sample songs, purchase stuff we recommend from iTunes, stream videos, and get more info from EW.com. Every Friday a new Must List appears on your iPad. You can save your favorite items to your own personalized Must List and keep them indefinitely. And you’ll find an archive of lists going back a month, so there are always dozens of Musts just waiting to entertain you.