Michael Cera's colorful love interest from ''Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'' talks about Kurt Russell and werewolves

Why She Looks Familiar
The actress, 25, starred on the ratings-starved, lycanthropy-themed CBS drama Wolf Lake in 2001. ”I was in love with a werewolf and we couldn’t be together,” she says. ”It was like a Twilight before its time. It’s interesting: ‘Oh, now you like it, huh?”’

Wigging Out
Winstead’s character in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Ramona Flowers, frequently changes the color of her hair, which meant a lot of wig-wearing during the movie’s lengthy Toronto shoot. ”It was fun in the beginning,” she says. ”Five months later, it does start to become a bit grating.”

Up Next
Winstead is now shooting a prequel to The Thing, the 1982 horror classic starring Kurt Russell. ”My entire career is about trying to stay connected to Kurt Russell,” jokes Winstead, who’s appeared with the actor in both 2005’s Sky High and 2007’s Grindhouse. ”No, I do love him, but certainly we don’t have each other’s numbers or anything like that.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
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