Credit: Amanda de Cadenet Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Having already seen Kim Kardashian nude AND touched in the "leaked" tape with Ray J some years back, the mere fact that we have Queen Kardash naked is not that exciting. Far more interesting is that these nude Harper's shots of Kardashian, Parenthood's Joy Bryant, and British actress-photographer Amanda de Cadenet are being touted as "unretouched." If you remember, Jessica Simpson did a makeup- and retouch-free Marie Claire spread, which hit the Internet last week. So do we have a retouch-free trend on our hands? (Or, following Kara's nude shoot earlier this week, perhaps a nude-celebrities-in-magazines trend? Let's hope….)

The Kardashian shot is too posed for my taste. It looks like a knock-off of that famous Richard Avedon photo of Nastassja Kinski lying with a conveniently positioned snake — only minus the snake, which is what made that photo so interesting. I sort of love Bryant's shot, though. She has a cocky-yet-vulnerable look that emphasizes the untouched, what-you-see-is-what-you-get idea behind the shoot. Cadenet just looks embarrassed, like we interrupted her in the middle of a personal moment involving that cord she's holding. (Check them all out at Harper's.)

Which is your favorite, PopWatchers? Are you digging the retouch-free trend? How about the nude celebrity magazine shoot trend?

Image Credit: Amanda de Cadenet Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

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