By Mike Bruno
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:37 PM EDT

In her interview with Jay Leno last night, Kate Gosselin seemed to sort of grasp what “The Kate Effect” on Dancing With the StarsAmerican Idol-slaying ratings this season is all about: “They’re probably just tuning in to see if I’ll fall,” she quipped. “But that’s still part of the effect, it all counts!” Jay said, having been the victim of quite a fall himself in recent times.

But it wasn’t all “Ain’t it funny how much people hate us?” between these two last night. Leno tried to ask about the custody battle Kate is currently facing with ex-husband Jon, but she wouldn’t go there. Leno, never one to rock the boat unnecessarily, then came to her defense. “It seems to me most single moms work at least eight to 10 hours a day, which is what you’re doing…so I don’t quite get this.” he said. Poor Kate, the “author, TV person, dancer,” responded, “When work comes my way I do it so I can literally put food on the table and send my kids to school.” They also talked about toasters. For, like, a full minute and a half.

Katey G’s run on DWTS epitomizes what’s amazing about her celebrity. She has no discernible talent. No achievements to speak of, save for Jon & Kate Plus Eight, which ended when her marriage did. And she attracts vehement hostility and hatred from TV viewers — not just the derision and, let’s face it, sometimes jealous anger that the vapid, young, beautiful Paris Hiltons attract, but a genuine off-putting dislike. And yet, she carries on week after week, talk show after talk show. She told Jay that she gets really warm responses from the live Dancing audiences, and more than once expressed gratitude to the “Everyone” who keeps voting to keep her on. But who is actually picking up their phone to keep her on? Yes, we relish seeing her on our TVs as this woman we love to hate. But she is reviled. Who votes for her? Seriously, do you?