By Ken Tucker
April 16, 2010 at 01:51 PM EDT

“There are only three things certain in this world,” said Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show last night. “Death, taxes, and Jay Leno at 11:30 on NBC.”

Jay Leno was smitten by the working-mom charms of Kate Gosselin on last night’s Tonight Show. “People give you grief,” said Leno. “But you’re making money to support your family. Nobody else in the family seems to be working, are they?” (Translation: Jon Gosselin criticism.) “You said it,” said Kate happily.

Kate revealed her Dancing With the Stars schedule: Three days in L.A. for the show, then back to the eight children in Pennsylvania. She was disarmingly frank about what Leno called “The Kate Effect” on Dancing‘s current high ratings.

“My dancing isn’t keeping me there,” she said. “They’re tuning in to see if I fall.”

“We’ll be voting for you!” bellowed Jay as he went to a commercial. Hell, after Kate’s admissions, I was ready to vote for her.

Later, on Jimmy Fallon (see how all the talk shows mystically aligned last night?), the host and guest Chris Rock agreed that that Jon Gosselin would have to star on Pole Dancing With the Stars, and Rock noted of DWTS, “Half the people on that show want to dance, and the other half have tax problems.”

Actually, what was most interesting during Rock’s segment were his comments about the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic, of which he’s one of the producers. When he said that Marlon Wayans was going to be terrific playing Pryor — well, first he said Shawn Wayans; it’s nice to know anyone can get the Wayans brothers confused — Rock also told a good dirty anecdote about the only time he met Pryor: In Eddie Murphy’s trailer during the filming of Harlem Nights.

Think on that image for second: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock in a trailer on the set of Harlem Nights. Now, that will erase Jay Leno and all Gosselins from your mind.

Did you watch any of these?