The ''Going the Distance'' star talks about starring in an R-rated comedy with Justin Long

By Karen Valby
Updated April 16, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Going the Distance

  • Movie

EW: How does it feel to star in your first R-rated comedy? Refreshing?
Drew Barrymore: It is for me at 35. Here was a script about what people are really like — we screw and we drink and we talk about boys and we talk about girls and we’re struggling to make relationships work and we like to laugh. That’s the kind of s— I talk about with my friends.

EW: And it’s a romantic comedy where the girl isn’t just stumbling and bumbling her way toward the altar.
Drew Barrymore: Right! The humor isn’t that sort of Three’s Company, misunderstandings, girl-in-distress comedy.

EW: Director Nanette Burstein was initially nervous about working with you and Justin Long because of your romantic history.
Drew Barrymore: You just have to trust that everyone has their s— together and will be willing to put it all out there in funny, great ways. Knowing someone creates an honest chemistry. That’s something to capitalize on, not be afraid of. You know, it’s like Judd Apatow movies in that way. These people are all friends. They riff off each other, they know each other, there’s a naturalistic quality.

EW: After last fall’s Whip It, will you take another shot at directing?
Drew Barrymore: It’s funny that people ask that, because it’s an absolute path that I’m on. It wasn’t some haphazard try. I’m working on something, but not anything I can talk about yet.

Going the Distance

  • Movie
  • R
  • 95 minutes
  • Nanette Burstein