As the TV season winds down, we look at how your fave shows are turning up the heat.

By Michael Ausiello
April 16, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Lynette’s cursed pregnancy comes to a fittingly dark conclusion when she gives birth under ”scary circumstances,” reveals executive producer Bob Daily, who would say only that her delivery ”ties into the mystery of who the Fairview Strangler is.” Elsewhere, Bree discovers her ”son” Jeremy’s true intentions, Susan and Mike hit rough financial times, and a major character whose name may or may not be Angie perishes in the (literally) explosive May 16 finale.

The hitcom will turn back the clock to 2002 in the May 17 episode to show how Sheldon and Leonard came to be roomies. ”I was surprised to learn that Leonard played a part in designating Sheldon’s ‘spot,”’ reveals Jim Parsons, who plays the (taller) geek. Blossom’s Mayim Bialik, meanwhile, guests in the May 24 finale as a possible love interest for Sheldon. ”If Sheldon has feelings for her, I don’t think he knows it yet,” says Parsons. ”At least I was left uncertain.”

Look for the Teddy/Mark/Cristina imbroglio to get more complicated when ”Meredith’s feelings about Owen in Cristina’s life affect the triangle in a very interesting way,” teases series creator Shonda Rhimes. And faster than you can say ”game changer,” the show’s two-hour finale on May 20 will ”reset, reboot, re-create, redefine every single character and their role on the show.” Sounds re-donkulous!

Langston’s pursuit of Dr. Jekyll will climax with a season-ending confrontation. ”Blood will be spilled,” warns executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. ”And it will belong to more than one [investigator].”

In a 180 from last year’s disturbing C-section-from-hell cliffhanger, the current season ends on May 13 with ”Addison finally getting the guy and finding some peace and happiness,” reveals exec producer Shonda Rhimes, who declines to say whether Addison’s ”guy” is, in fact, Pete. Rhimes also confirms that someone will die — and ”it’s a major character.”

McAbby fans, rejoice! McGee and Abby will ”share a hotel room when they travel to Mexico for business,” previews exec producer Shane Brennan. Gibbs, meanwhile, will need a vacation when ”choices he made in the past come back to haunt him.”

Callen discovers an ”important clue that reveals details about his past and who he is,” teases Brennan, who also runs the spin-off. Additionally, the team tracks down its kidnapped colleague, Dom, but it may be too late.

Castle’s jealousy over Beckett’s romance with a fellow cop ”leads to a competition for her affection,” says exec producer Andrew Marlowe. By the May 17 finale, ”Beckett and Castle finally realize their attraction to each other is too strong to deny — and decisions must be made.”

Vicodin-free for nearly a year, House may be headed for a major slip. ”He’s in pain,” says exec producer Katie Jacobs. ”And little by little, he’s going to find that he’s pretty much on his own again.” Plus, Cuddy will ”wrestle with” whether she can ever be truly happy with boyfriend Lucas.

In an 11th-hour bid to thwart an apocalypse, Sam comes up with what exec producer Sera Gamble calls ”an incredibly risky Hail Mary to defeat Lucifer, which involves spending some very one-on-one time with the guy.”

Rumor has it the stork will pay Marshall and Lily a long-overdue visit in the sitcom’s May 24 finale — something exec producer Carter Bays would neither confirm nor deny. ”We’ve always said [parenthood] would eventually be in the cards for them,” he allows. ”It’s going to be a big chapter in their lives.”

Chuck and Sarah’s happily-ever-after will have to wait. Per exec producer Josh Schwartz, Chuck has a secret ”that could cost him what Sarah loves most about him — his mind.” And if that isn’t ominous enough, someone from Chuck’s past returns in the May 24 finale to ”do him great harm.” We spy a guy who can’t catch a freakin’ break!

Jules and Grayson do the deed on Cougar Town; on The Good Wife, Alicia makes a pact with the devil, er, Eli to save her job; and on The Vampire Diaries, a certain bloodsucker — cough Damon cough — ”will be forced to reconcile his humanity when it becomes impossible to deny his feelings for one very human girl,” hints exec producer Kevin Williamson.