By Vlada Gelman
Updated April 15, 2010 at 09:02 PM EDT
Credit: Jason Kibbler/Bravo

Image Credit: Jason Kibbler/BravoLast night, I sat down to watch America’s Next Top Model and wondered, as I do almost every Wednesday, whether I had tuned in for a modeling competition show or America’s Next Top Fight. “Arguments about ‘being real’? Picking fights with your roommates? Barely concealed racial tension?,” Margaret Lyons writes in her recap of last night’s episode. Yes, Top Model has become less about modeling and more about nonsensical arguing. When Jessica yelled, “Get me out of here,” during a limo disagreement, I felt the same way and wished for the return of Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel.

Some people enjoy reality shows for the drama, but I like competition shows likes Top Model and Project Runway because I like the artistic aspect and the final products — the photos, the clothes, etc. And that’s why I prefer the Bravo modeling series. It’s actually about modeling. The photo shoots look like something you’d see in a magazine. The contestants have to impress the judges with their photo and a catwalk every week. And the go-see is not just something you see once or twice during the series. Each week, the photo shoot winner gets to go on one and possibly even book it like a real, working model! What a concept!

Sure, there can be drama within the house, but it never seems to overwhelm the series. It has charming characters rather than caricatures. Who could forget Ben and Ronnie’s bromance during season one? Or season two’s Clark Kent-esque Colin? Just the fact that there are guys in the competition and the house adds a fresh dynamic.

But unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have to settle for fast-forwarding through Top Model. “No decisions have been made about a season three” of Make Me A Supermodel, according to a Bravo spokesperson.

PopWatchers, are you growing tired of Top Model? Do you miss Make Me A Supermodel as much as I do? And does anyone else remember TLC’s A Model Life, hosted by Petra Nemcova? Bring that back too!

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