By Clark Collis
April 15, 2010 at 12:32 PM EDT

In 2008, when I first wrote about the entertainingly terrible cult film The Room, the movie’s actor-director-writer-producer Tommy Wiseau told me he dreamed of one day screening his demented drama at the 20,000 capacity Staples Center. Despite the film’s still growing cult — whose members include such famous fans as Paul Rudd, Kristen Bell, and Tim and Eric — that prospect remains an unlikely one. On April 30, however, The Room will be viewed by its biggest audience to date when the movie is shown at New York’s famous Ziegfeld Theatre, a venue that is capable of housing 1,200 souls.

The event is being staged by the company Saturation Films which has been hosting monthly showings of Wiseau’s movie at Manhattan’s Village East cinema. “We’ve been screening it for a year, and it’s been generally sold out,” says Saturation’s George Gross. “About two or three months ago, Tommy contacted me about doing something big. He actually wanted to rent out Yankee Stadium. We thought about the Ziegfeld as a more… possible thing to do.”

Gross says that both Wiseau and his costar Greg Sestero will attend the event. “I don’t know if it’s going to be a full-on Room-fest, or anything,” he adds. “But we’re aiming for 8 horns to show up to play along with the sex scenes. And we’ve got a person with a Polaroid camera to take pictures of you and Tommy.” George says that while tickets are still available, they are already halfway to capacity. If the Ziegfeld is sold out on the night, will the next screening of The Room (whose trailer can be viewed after the jump) be at Yankee Stadium? “Well, we’re going to keep the Village East going for a little bit,” Gross laughs. “And we are going to see if we can get Tommy to throw his own money down for the Yankee Stadium.”

Have you seen The Room? Will you be attending on April 30? Do you think the movie can sell out the Ziegfeld?