Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCEvery week — or at least whenever they have a free moment — Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof record a Podcast in which they discuss the past week’s episode, preview the upcoming week’s episode, answer (or evade) fan questions, and address the the general state of Lost. For some fans, the podcast is an important part of their Lost experience. For other fans, such as myself, the podcast is an invitation to crash a computer. Seriously: for some reason, my technology routinely fails me when it comes to listening to the podcast. I am beginning to suspect sinister forces at work in the world, denying me access to the secret knowledge that Damon and Carlton are sharing with the world. It’s true, isn’t it? Tell me!

And while you’re at it, tell me what the news is that the producers share in these exclusive excerpts from their new podcast, which should be available later today at (Podcast streaming after the jump.)

I am told these clips have Team Darlton clarifying their participation in Jimmy Kimmel’s special salute to the show after the Lost finale on May 23, as well as their plans to go “radio silent” after sharing their two-hour series capper. I am also told these clips have Team Cuselof addressing the issue of remaining mythology mysteries and if and how they may be addressed in the final hours of the show. Then again, I could be wrong. Perhaps, in truth, these clips discuss the concept of anamnesis and how it explains the phenomenon of revelation and recollection currently breaking out like Pentecost in the Sideways world. (Is the Sideways world an incomplete, imperfect replica of reality constructed out of the ideal world of Forms represented by The Island world? Does the outbreak of recollection of these Forms represent the redemption and completion of this flawed reality?) Perhaps these clips reveal that Lost is a dramatic illustration of the ideas about art, love, and reality found in Iris Murdoch’s essays “The Fire and The Sun” and “The Sublime and the Good.” (See? Art — and even TV — really can direct us toward that which can be called The Good!) Or maybe they finally reveal that yes, season six really is all about zombies. Again: you tell me! Use your superior techncology to access the posted clips and file your notes in our underground message boards!

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