By Michael Ausiello
Updated April 15, 2010 at 09:26 PM EDT

Image Credit: Florian Schneider/ABCWith Nicollette Sheridan’s lawsuit drama playing out off screen, Desperate Housewives is doing its best to divert attention back on screen by packing its season finale with a birth, a death, some destruction, and a humdinger of a secret. The episode won’t air until May 16, but thanks to exec producer Bob Daily, I’ve got a preview of the five must-see twists.


“Mike and Susan are going to have some financial issues,” reveals Daily. “They’re experiencing the economic woes that much of America is experiencing, and it’s going to create issues in their marriage and it will lead them to make a life-changing decision in the finale.”


Lynette’s cursed pregnancy comes to a fittingly dark conclusion when she gives birth under “pretty scary circumstances,” says Daily. “I don’t want to give too much away, but it ties into the mystery of who the Fairview Strangler is. She’s going to be getting closer and closer to the identity of the person who’s been terrorizing the women of Fairview, and then give birth, like I said, under less than ideal circumstances.”


Bree discovers “son” Jeremy’s true intentions. “But unfortunately for her,” says Daily, “he knows some shocking Van De Kamp secrets that will come back to haunt her. He has a trump card he’s going to use against her.”


Gaby will get dragged into the Angie mystery. “Gaby will end up being Angie’s confidante,” previews Daily. “And she’ll help her out as she tries to get away from her past.” In possibly related news, Daily promises that “someone the audience has gotten to know this season” will perish in the finale.


Plans to blow up a home on Wisteria Lane were scuttled, but Daily confirms that the finale will still feature “a big explosion.”

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