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Updated April 15, 2010 at 05:02 PM EDT
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On last night’s Cougar Town, Andy (Ian Gomez) finally found a physical attribute he shares with his son, Stan, and all he needed to do was watch his wife change the baby’s diaper. The goose attack at the petting zoo — or, if you’re Bobby, the buffet — was all for naught! Let’s hope baby Stan’s future lover doesn’t punish him for cheating by making him move his own “elephant trunk” genitalia with garden shears while she or he watches.

Meanwhile, Jules freaked because Travis takes after his father, too. Travis and his girlfriend Kylie, who probably plays tennis and writes thank-you notes (that Laurie line was a nice hark back to “What kind of skank…wears a watch?”) both cheated by kissing a member of the same family. In Ellie’s world, that’s cheating; in Laurie’s it’s barely eye contact. (“I always hold eye contact with people. It totally freaks out my gyno.”) For Laurie, it’s not cheating if you’re “on vacation, if it’s out of pity, or if you both keep your tops on.”

Jules finally tasted plain vanilla ice cream and will probably incorporate it into her insomniac self-love sesh. Sheryl Crow walked out on Grayson after she found him pretending to give Jules a bath in the form-over-function powder room. Oh, and after he completely blew off their plans to stay behind the bar, lean on his elbow and make somewhat-creepy moon eyes as Jules pretended to eat (the fried batter from) two dozen mozzarella sticks.

These people are ALWAYS DRINKING. I love it. “Ha ha ha. Man, I love drinking!” –Bobby

What were your favorite Cougar Town moments? Would you win in a round of Emotional Chicken? And are you ready for Jules and Grayson to get together, or should he introduce her to more dairy products first?

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