By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 15, 2010 at 09:35 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Becker/Fox

Image Credit: Michael Becker/FoxDouble elimination! Double dose of sadness? Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens aren’t crying. Instead, the latest set of American Idol evictees are talking about eyewear and prom dates. First up is Andrew, and after the jump, the Connecticut teenager…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Andrew, talk to me. What’s your depression level?

ANDREW GARCIA: My depression level is none. I mean, you feel bad ’cause you’re leaving performing on that big stage, but you can’t forget how far you came. I didn’t expect to go far, and to go as far as I did I’m thankful. And I made the tour and I’m going to be able to go out and have a job. And then I get to see my son.

Was he too young to appreciate that you were on American Idol?

Yeah, he just knew when it came on TV. He’d say, “Idol! Idol! Idol!”

When you sang “Hound Dog” this week, did you know you were in trouble?

I went out and I had fun. The crowd was amazing. I had fun. I felt good singing, I loved the arrangement. I wouldn’t change it.

How much of the arrangement did you change after meeting with Adam Lambert?

I added drums and horns to it. I made it more flavorful. That’s what I think Adam wanted me to do. And it sounded good. I was like, man, that’s cool.

So what did the judges miss?

When they were negative I just put a smile on my face because I had a fun time out there. They are obviously seeing something that I’m not. As long as I’m freaking putting my stamp on it, I’m good.

You became known for saying how much “fun” you had. Aren’t you ever pissed?

All you can do is go out and do you. You can’t try to change yourself because the judges say what they say.

Do you regret having sung “Straight Up” during Hollywood week since you were compared to that moment every subsequent week?

I do not regret it one bit. I’m glad that I did it. When I sang it I was like, ‘Paula’s not here and I love this song.’ It created something out of this world and created the craziest buzz. As long as people are talking about it I did my job.

When the judges saved Michael Lynch last week, were you bummed that the following week two people had to go home?

No, the judges couldn’t have picked a better person. He performed that song like his life was on the line. It reminded me of why I was doing the show. He deserved to be saved.

So you and Lee got really close. Is it going to be tough not living with him?

Yeah, it’s rough. He’s my brother now. He’s like my family now. It was a little tough saying goodbye. We’ve been with each other every day going through the same thing. I know he’s going to rip it up. And I’m going to see him next week [at Idol Gives Back] and on the tour.

How did it feel seeing all those posters with your signature glasses on them?

I saw that. I never expected that.

But you realize you’ll have to wear glasses for the rest of your career?

I love glasses. They’re like an accessory. They add a lot of flavor to my style.

So you contact lenses coming for the tour?

Definitely not.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Katie, you sound pretty hoarse. Have you been up all night crying?

KATIE STEVENS: No, I’m good. Just talking about it all day. But I’m okay. I’m excited for what’s to come after this, so I’m just thinking positively about the whole thing.

Was it difficult being one of the two young people on the season?

It was hard, but everyone was so supportive. There was a little bit of added pressure since I was going up against people who were so much older. It was like racing against the big boys. But I always just tried to hold my own.

Did you ever regret not waiting a few years to audition?

I don’t regret not waiting. I wanted this for so long and I’m proud of where I ended up.

Why did you sing “Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do?” for Elvis week. It’s not exactly a well-known Elvis song.

I’ve sung that song before, so it was more comfortable with me. It was important to be able to do something I’m comfortable with and not go up there and be all awkward and not know what I’m doing.

Other than Simon’s critique, you actually got a lot of praise. Did that make you feel like you were going to be safe this week?

You never really know. I always go into it and think there’s a possibility that I could go. It’s very unpredictable. When I was sitting on the stage with Mike, I was like, ‘It’s gonna be me.’ I just prepared myself. And I did get emotional singing after that.

I thought that was really sweet that you got emotional singing “Let It Be.” Was it tough to make it to the end?

I just felt the words as I was singing. But I had to remind myself that it wasn’t the end. There is going to be life after Idol. I thought it was a perfect song to have gone out with. You gotta let it be and let life take its course.

A few weeks back you joked that whoever sent in proof that he text voted for you the most could take you to prom. Did anything come of that?

I didn’t get any proof in the mail, just offers for people to send them to me. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to go to my prom. I would love to but I’ll have tour rehearsals and I’d rather do that.

If you could take anyone — any celebrity even – to the prom this year, who would you take?

Big Mike really wants to go to prom so I told him I would take him.

Isn’t that kind of creepy?

Well, he’s like my big brother so he wants to fend off all the boys who are asking me to dance.