By Kate Ward
Updated April 14, 2010 at 06:11 PM EDT

You know how when you walk down the street, nearly every corner you pass has a one of those newspaper canisters full with copies of The Onion? Well, the newspaper will soon be popping up all over your television as well. Just weeks after IFC announced it had picked up a half-hour comedy series based on the satiric newspaper, Comedy Central gave a 10-episode series order to the scripted pilot Onion Sports Network. Looks like The Onion has plenty of layers to go around!

I’m fully in support of The Onion‘s television domination, and not only because I was a proud subject of one of the newspaper’s pieces. (No, not this one. This one.) And I say it’s about time — the newspaper’s website has been uploading content as funny as anything on the Web or currently on television. (Yeah. I said it, SNL.) Come on — admit it: This is pretty genius. And so is this. And this. And this

Who else is stoked about The Onion‘s foray into television?