Image Credit: VManApparently, as a pop culture-loving society, we can handle sexy yellow cartoon characters. (Though, if Marge really knew her head-to-toe modeling, she would not be hiding that neck, right Tyra?) But sexy green cartoon characters? It’s too much! Think of the children!

At least, Dreamworks is: Seems the studio behind Shrek is having serious regrets about giving fashion magazine VMan permission to shoot the hit film’s characters alongside scantily clad hipster models. Surprisingly, they’re more upset about the “scantily clad” part than the “hipster” part. Crazy, I know! A rep for Shrek said to Fox News of the photo spread, “In hindsight the studio would have declined to have the characters participate.”

Since I doubt too many tots are picking up VMan, I don’t think Dreamworks should worry too much about how the pictures might affect their young audience. And frankly, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Puss In Boots photo, since that’s how my cat and I spend our Friday nights.

Do you think Shrek got too racy in the spread, PopWatchers? [Vulture]