Well, it looks like it’s finally happened: Twitter has announced that they will begin selling advertisements.

However, they’ve also announced that these ads will be in a slightly different format from what we may be expecting. Apparently, companies will buy “Promoted Tweets” which are just elevated normal tweets that will begin appear in searches and, after a while, in our timelines. Twitter, which insists it wants to remain users-first, will then measure how much a given Promoted Tweet (or Pweet, as I’ve unilaterally decided to call them from now on) resonates with Twitterers based on whether users reply to it, favorite it or Retweet it. If it fails to resonate, the Pweet is then terminated with extreme prejudice. While my own personal Twitter use is rather limited, I will say that at least this is a better idea than those infernal Facebook ads that delve deeply into your personal info while remaining entirely inane. Seriously, how is it that they know my friends’ names and the street I live on and yet they still ask me if I need a quick way to lose weight in order to fit into my wedding dress? Do they know something about me that I don’t?

Starbucks is only one of the companies already on board to test the platform, so you might be seeing something like “punkin lattes r back!!! Sweetz!!!” or “I’m with Cocoa” pretty soon. What say you, PopWatchers? Do you want to keep Twitter ad-free, or would you be will to take the bitter with the Tweet?

Truth in Advertising

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