By Jeff Jensen
Updated April 13, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

I’ll answer my own question: Emphatically, EXPLOSIVELY, yes! SPOILER ALERT! The following Popwatch item contains key plot points from tonight’s episode of Lost. If you don’t want to know stuff, stop reading right here and amuse yourself with my ruminations of progressive rock and and the film Up In The Air. If you want to know stuff, please, continue your heroic journey forward into my dark and stormy head. Please, bring a torch.

Chaos reigns. That’s the tagline from the controversial film Antichrist, the feel-bad love story of the decade, and it can just as easily be applied to last night’s episode of Lost, which despite being a charming feel-good love story about Sideways Hurley and his nutty gal-pal Libby left me feeling disturbed and unnerved. Taking its cue from those “highly unstable” sticks of Black Rock dynamite, “Everybody Loves Hugo” was another sweet-and-funny installment in the larger Hurley sub genre, but punctuated with massive, momentous WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!? outbreaks of explosive shocks, head-spinning twists, and narrative anarchy. Ilana blew up. The Black Rock got blown up. SatanaLocke threw Island Desmond down a well while Sideways Desmond ran down Sideways Locke with his car, leaving everyone’s favorite clone world substitute biology/PE teacher a bloody, convulsing bag of bones. Immediately after watching the episode, my colleague Adam B. Vary stumbled into my office, shaken by Sideways Desmond’s apparent demonic turn and even more by Sideways Locke’s life-threatening peril. Sideways Locke! Why does the cosmos hate this man? What remains of our beloved man of faith? Sleeping Beauty Hurley may have gotten a magical kiss of awakening from Princess Charming Libby, but all we got was Kiss’ “All Hell’s Breaking Loose.”

Of course, almost every single statement in that preceding paragraph is open for debate and interpretation, and I shall do my level best to mull all the provocative possibilities as I put together my recap tonight. (UPDATE: Click the link to see Doc Jensen’s full recap of this week’s Lost episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo.”) Don’t worry: I’ll make sure to cover the return of Michael, the revelation about The Whispers, and spend thousands of words pretentiously explicating the significance of that book Hurley found in Ilana’s things, a minor, shallow work of literature entitled Notes From The Underground by some dead Russian hack named Dostoevsky. In the meantime, you can watch some Totally Lost. Or you can use the message boards below to start blasting my pretentiousness and redeem it with insightful conversation. But hey: existentialism in action! My errors + your corrective notes from the (message board) underground = an riotous and disagreeable dialectic that produces consciousness and hopefully enlightenment! So come on, “You All Everybody!” It takes a village to figure out Lost, so start blathering already!

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