Today, William Shatner announced that he’ll host a reality show called Weird or What for the Discovery Channel in the U.S. and the History Channel in his native Canada. According to Variety, “It will examine and analyze some of the weirdest unsolved cases around the world — ranging from paranormal phenomena, medical oddities and bizarre natural disasters.” Shatner said the show would present science in a “light-hearted, jaunty way.”

I’m all for this because it reminds me of his Emmy-nominated documentary How William Shatner Changed the World. Granted, that was great because it told you definitively how Star Trek influenced the inventor of the cell phone, NASA’s chief propulsion engineer, a top neurosurgeon, and one of the brains behind QuickTime. (Watch cellphone inventor Martin Cooper describe the epiphany he had watching Captain Kirk talk on his Communicator after the jump.) But as long as Weird or What poses theories that could possibly solve those cases, it should be worth watching…