By Simon Vozick-Levinson
April 12, 2010 at 03:53 PM EDT

Image Credit: Dan MacMedan/WireImage.comSoul great Roberta Flack is working on an all-Beatles covers album under the working title Let It Be Roberta. Sounds like a disc worth hearing! Yet the world was nearly deprived of that possibility when Flack left her in-progress recordings in the back of an NYC taxicab last month, per The New York Times. (Full disclosure: A friend of mine penned that Times item. I tried and failed to think of a “Killing Me Softly” headline pun for him this weekend. Maybe something about newspaper taxis would have worked better?)

The story ends happily: Flack’s cabbie was located and duly returned her missing suitcase full of Beatles covers, at which point Flack rewarded him with “a big, big, huge tip.” Whew.

Now that this incident has brought the existence of Let It Be Roberta to my attention, I really want her to finish recording so I can hear it. Anyone with me? Which Fab Four tunes do you think Flack could do the most with? I bet her smooth, heartfelt vocals would sound very nice on “Sexy Sadie” or “For No One” or “If I Fell,” to name three at random…

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