By John Young
Updated April 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Kathleen Quinlan and Tony Danza, who costarred with the late Dixie Carter on the CBS drama Family Law from 1999 to 2002, spoke with about their memories of the actress. “The world is going to have a little less color for me now that Dixie is gone,” said Quinlan, who first met Carter 35 years ago when the two costarred in a New York play called Taking in Marriage. Quinlan fondly recalled having dinners with Carter and her husband, actor Hal Holbrook, at the couple’s Hollywood home. “When you were greeted by Dixie, you were really welcomed into their home in the most gracious way you could imagine,” said Quinlan. “The evenings were always warm, and Dixie always had someone who could play the piano. She sang, and her friends sang. They were some of the best dinners and times I’ve ever had with a fellow actor.”

Both Danza and Quinlan extolled Carter’s behavior while on the Family Law set. “I was coming into the first drama I had done on TV, and I felt a little uneasy about coming in,” said Danza, who joined the series in its second season. “But Dixie just told me to relax and have fun. She went out of her way to welcome me with open arms, and made my entrance a little bit easier. Also, our trailers were next to one another on the lot. I used to play the trumpet in my trailer, and she wouldn’t complain, which was, I think, very kind of her.”

“She was a consummate professional,” added Quinlan. “If she ever had any kind of a problem with anything, it wouldn’t be like some actors who pitch a fit. She would always take the greatest time and care to think about how best to frame something so she was not going to insult everyone, and she wound up making you laugh no matter what it was. And I keep thinking about her laugh. She could have the most boisterous laugh you’ve ever heard! She was a classic.”