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Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABCThis show went off the rails last night during a two-hour episode that finally revealed what Dennis York was lording over Nora to get her to ask the kids to sell their shares in Ojai. We all know how amazing Sally Field came be in emotional scenes, but I just wanted to slap her when Nora had her freak out over Sarah not wanting to give up the family business. Partly because we all knew it was going to come out, so it just seemed melodramatic, and partly because there’s no way she could have thought behaving like that wouldn’t have made her kids even more determined to find out what she was hiding.

The show did do a nice fake-out by making us think that it was someone Tommy had paralyzed 25 years ago in a drunk driving accident that William and then Nora paid off over the years. But really, it was the friend 14-year-old Kevin had taken to Sarah’s Ojai kegger that night. The boy, Aaron, had tried to kiss Kevin, but since Kevin hadn’t come out yet (even to himself), he started a fight that ended with Aaron falling off the dock platform. William and Nora told Kevin that Aaron was fine, because they didn’t want to destroy his life — it was an accident. But Kevin isn’t ready to forgive Nora. He went to see Aaron, who, after much therapy, got past his anger and came to realize that Kevin was just behaving the way society at that time told him to — two boys shouldn’t kiss. Today, Aaron has a partner and a life and has moved on; now Kevin needs to as well. With the secret out, Holly somehow convinced Nora to start looking for Narrow Lake again. They went Thelma & Louse on Dennis York, with Nora keeping him entertained in the hotel bar talking about whether she regretted never leaving William for him while Holly went through his room looking for clues. Holly grabbed his valet card, and Nora said if there’s nothing in his room and the man doesn’t have an office, there must be something in his car (on his GPS). So they stole it. Funny, sure. But come on! You’re going to steal a man’s car? When your daughter is running for office? And your son is a senator? Everyone was way too calm about this, including Robert. But perhaps he always knew he’d just be able to bail them out so they could make a big family dinner at the Ojai house to celebrate Justin and Rebecca’s wedding. (I guess Holly finally looked at that lake house painting hanging in her home so she’d have a reason to go the courthouse with Rebecca and Justin and they’d see the marriage license office and get married.)

The episode ended with Thelma and Louise realizing that William didn’t sleep with Holly, the leggy blond Nora remembered him flirting with at a party in 1973, on a weekend he told her he was going to look for land. He brought her back a pressed penny like the one Rebecca made for Justin at the start of their Ojai honeymoon, so it must have been in that area. Justin made himself useful doing something with a map (and Kevin figured out Narrow Lake is an anagram for Nora Walker), and they pinpointed a location that Holly and Nora found. There’s nothing there — but their future, said Nora. Groan. I am so over this storyline I’m wishing Ryan would return.

What did you think of the episode and the way the pieces finally fit together? What was your favorite part of the ’80s flashback? Kevin coming out to a drunk Kitty was the only moment I care to remember, other than Tommy saying he’d take Kevin to see Platoon and Kevin saying, “I’d rather see Top Gun again.” Ha! Is there getting to be too much drama on Brothers & Sisters?

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