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The Apples in Stereo

Elijah Wood has my undying respect for several reasons. I mean, this guy not only totally saved Middle-earth that one time, he also signed the Apples in stereo to his Simian Records imprint, which ranks as a comparably important achievement in psychedelic indie-pop terms.

Now Wood has lent his star power to the Apples’ latest video, which premiered recently at Pitchfork. It’s for “Dance Floor,” the catchiest of many catchy tunes on April 20’s Travellers in Space and Time, the band’s surprisingly rewarding detour into futuristic disco. About a year ago, chief Apple Robert Schneider told me the in-progress album sounded “like there’s a party on a UFO, and everybody’s invited to come in.” The “Dance Floor” video doesn’t feature any UFO parties that I noticed, but there is a time-travel caper involving Wood as an alternate-universe gym teacher version of himself and Schneider as a mad scientist who lives to groove. As an Elephant 6 loyalist, I appreciate the in-jokes sprinkled throughout the clip. (I totally wore the green edition of Schneider’s E6 logo T-shirt yesterday!) It’s cool to see the Olivia Tremor Control‘s redoubtable Bill Doss working the keyboards as a newly official member of the Apples, too.

Check out the very fun “Dance Floor” video after the jump and let us know what you think.

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The Apples in Stereo
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