By Ken Tucker
April 08, 2010 at 05:10 PM EDT

You Don’t Know Jack is a terrific new TV-movie about Jack Kevorkian, premiering Apr. 24 on HBO. Al Pacino plays Kevorkian in one of his best recent performances, making the crusader for physician-assisted suicide into a medical radical and a lovable old crank. Here’s an exclusive look at the two-minutes-plus trailer for the film, directed by Barry Levinson (Rain Man).

Susan Sarandon co-stars in the biopic as Susan Good, head of the Hemlock Society and a friend of Kevorkian’s. John Goodman is low-key wonderful as Kevorkian’s best friend, and Danny Huston is Kevorkian’s flamboyant lawyer. The movie gives us a new perspective on the man who came to be known as “Dr. Death.”

Think you’ll be watching?