By Dalton Ross
April 08, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

So many questions leading up to this latest episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Would the Heroes continue on their unlikely winning streak? Would the Villains continue with their infighting? And would the show still be worth watching now that Boston Rob was gone? My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Click over to read Dalton Ross’ full Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains recap, which is now live), but read on after the jump if you’ve already watched the episode and can’t wait to sound off. [SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you have already watched Thursday night’s episode.]

So the answers to the above questions were yes, yes, and yes. The Villains sabotaged themselves after Coach’s decision to hold the tribe’s weakest players (Courtney and Sandra) out of the reward challenge, thereby forcing them to compete in a muddy obstacle course immunity challenge in which they were thoroughly dominated by the Heroes. It was a feisty Tribal Council with Courtney finally emerging from invisibility to go back and forth with both Coach and “Jeffrey” Probst, and when all was said and done, Coach was voted out, using his parting words for one last parting shot: “I am probably more pissed off than I have been in a number of years. You know, I am not a very vindictive person, but I hope they get wiped off the face of the map.”

Did the Villains make the right call keeping Courtney? Will the Heroes catch up and even out the numbers next week? And did Sandra play Russell’s paranoia like a fiddle in getting him to get rid of Coach? (Coach may have voted for Courtney, but the guess here is that was just to split the vote in case a hidden immunity idol was used.) Post your thoughts on the message boards now, and be sure to click on the video below to enjoy a special pep talk that Coach recorded for himself before the game began to pump himself up should he be voted out. (Yes, he quotes Confucius. Kinda brilliant.) Check out my full recap, and for all the Survivor scoop sent directly to you, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.