By Emily Exton
April 08, 2010 at 10:14 PM EDT
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Can anyone tell me when cupcakes suddenly became the trendiest dessert around? Sure, we can blame Sex and the City, which helped turn Magnolia Bakery into a phenom following a season three episode that featured Miranda and Carrie indulging in the treat. (The Magnolia across the street is constantly filled with customers…or sad, lonely sugar fiends who simply want to watch through the window as the bakers frost their cakes each morning. Not that I would know what time that happens.) But now, cupcakes have traveled across the Atlantic, where McDonald’s in Germany is not only honoring the trendy treats, but an American city known for making them as well. Presenting straight from Deutschland: New York City-themed cupcakes!

Sadly, these don’t have edible models of the Empire State Building or a Statue of Liberty constructed by an accomplished frosting architect. Instead, their flavors and presentation are supposed to represent the vibe of four distinct New York neighborhoods — Central Park, Chelsea, the East Village, and Soho — with help from four unique “New Yorkers”.

For example, the East Village (cappuccino) cupcake is a tribute to all the coffee houses this “artsy” neighborhood has spawned (there’s even a coffee bean atop the icing), and the people who inhabit them. To depict the alternative-hipster crowd, Germany has chosen a model with such cutting-edge fashion sense, he’s decided to wear a bucket hat. Also, he’s slouching, which obviously reflects his laid-back attitude. Who needs good posture when you have art and coffee? Joking aside, New Yorkers: Do these cupcakes adequately depict your neighborhoods?

Because I’m partial to anything and everything pop culture, I’d rather see some desserts pay tribute to characters or people that I love. (someone has beat me to making a Lady Gaga cupcake. Genius!) After searching for notable pop culture food creations, these take the cake (pun shamelessly intended): Mad Men (Old Fashioned) cupcakes. Yes, they aren’t the most elaborate or skillful, but they incorporate two of Mad Men‘s most important supporting cast members: alcohol and cigarettes. (Although I’m not sure how both will taste alongside the sugar and chocolate?). Eating these will have to hold me over until the fourth season gets underway. (Along with this.)

What would be your ideal pop culture cupcake?

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