April 08, 2010 at 09:46 PM EDT

Image Credit: Scott Gries/MTVMTV’s Jersey Shore, a show I have to keep telling myself actually exists, has officially begun shooting its second season in Miami, according to the network. However, the housemates — all eight members of the first season’s crew are returning — will also head back to their original Seaside Heights, N.J., house after they’re done wrecking havoc on Miami. “It’s like a big family reunion,” says Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming. “We couldn’t be more excited that the whole group is back together in Miami and that they’ll be going back to Jersey when the sun heats up.” The second season premieres July 29, and MTV is still looking to cast additional housemates.

Personally, and I say this as someone who has only a passing knowledge of Jersey Shore‘s artistic contributions to society, I’d much rather see these eight party animals out of their element. Like discussing politics or attending a museum. But, PopWatchers, what trouble are you hoping to see the gang get into while in Miami? Are you pleased to hear that they’ll be returning to the Jersey Shore later in the season?

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