By Ken Tucker
Updated April 08, 2010 at 07:06 PM EDT
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Chris Rock was in his glory on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, making jokes about the host’s marriage and letting loose a savage sex-joke about Tiger Woods.

“You sound like an old-ass man,” was Chris Rock’s greeting to David Letterman last night. He was referring to the fact that Dave’s voice was shot — gravelly and faint from a sore throat. But Rock used Dave’s malady to do what no guest has done so thoroughly, so openly, since Letterman’s extracurricular affairs scandal: He used it as jagged comedy gold.

“Things going bad, man?” Rock asked, grinning. “Wife still mad at ya, ain’t she? Why drive back to Connecticut to a mean woman? ‘I may as well just stay here and do the show with no voice’… I been there, Dave.”

Letterman tried to change the subject, but Rock was having none of it.

“I was backstage. You fired all the cute girls,” said Rock with mock-disappointment. “You got a lotta fat old guys back there. The vibe is just horrible.”

Fortunately, Letterman’s comedian side triumphed over his uncomfortable side and he saved himself with a good comeback: “Some of those guys are startin’ to look pretty good,” he said ruefully.

When Letterman finally managed to turn the talk to Tiger Woods, Rock was no less aggressive. Contending that a pent-up Tiger is a powerful one, he made a prediction: “Tiger’s gonna win the Masters and then rape Phil Mickelson.”

Wow. The audience pretty much exploded. It was an amazing talk-show appearance.

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