By Nicole Sperling
Updated April 08, 2010 at 09:34 PM EDT

Image Credit: Suzanne TennerAfter spending several weeks packing theaters with new releases, Hollywood is giving theaters a reprieve with only one new wide release this weekend. And what do audiences want now, after being filled with action (Clash of the Titans) and family fare (How to Train Your Dragon)? Comedy! So who better to deliver laughs than two of television’s tops: Steve Carell and Tiny Fey? Both have had successes at the box office, but Date Night — from Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy — will be a true testament to their star power. Also, bowing this weekend is the Christian-themed Letters to God. The movie, about an eight-year-old boy with cancer who considers God his pen pal, will bow in only 895 theaters. But with an extensive marketing campaign directed towards churchgoers, the film could connect. Read on for my predictions.

1. Date Night: $28 million

As of right now, the spring comedy record is held by Anger Management, which grossed $42.2 million in 2003. Can Date Night top it? As appealing as Fey and Carrell are, it’s unlikely. The film has a compelling concept that will lure in grown-up moviegoers, but those aren’t usually the ones storming the box office opening weekend. (Remember, they need to first schedule their own date night to get out of the house.) The real determinant over whether the film will spark is if the younger 30 Rock and The Office fans come out for this PG-13 comedy.

2. Clash of the Titans:$25 million

The film has grossed an additional $15 million since it bowed to $61 million over the weekend. But with a B from Cinemascore and audiences not all that jazzed by the 3-D conversion, the film could experience a steep drop off in the 60% range. (Clash did 52% of its business in 3-D, the lowest percentage of any of the latest 3-D releases.) Still the film will definitely cross $100 million over the frame.

3. How to Train Your Dragon: $17 million

Last weekend, this well-reviewed kid flick fell only 34 percent. It’s possible the film could hold in for another 40 percent fall this frame, which would put the Dreamworks Animated flick in the $120 million range after three weekends in theaters.

4. Why Did I Get Married Too: $12 million

On average, Tyler Perry’s movies fall about 60 percent their second weekend in theaters. Despite the film generating such solid exit polls, Why Did I Get Married Too is likely to fall in similar fashion.

5. The Last Song: $8 million

This weekend will be a real test for Miley Cyrus’ fanbase. Will her specially-made Nicholas Sparks adaptation movie last in theaters for a second weekend?