Image Credit: CBCOur favorite Canadian time-travel relationship drama, Being Erica, finished out its second season with another mind-bending, game-changing finale last night — specifically with (SPOILER ALERT, except it won’t even make sense if you didn’t watch) Erica choosing a mystical door among many mystical doors to walk through. Not as explosive as the first season’s Dr. Tom-has-been-replaced finale, but close. The idea: Time-travel-powered therapist Dr. Tom presented her with a (rather lovely) walkway lined with (rather lovely) distinctively different doors, and nothing else. He told her to choose. This baffled her as a choice with zero context. At first, she just followed him through the door he chose, which led to his office. But by the end of the episode — having made terrifically bold personal life decisions, like starting her own publishing company and leaving true-love Ethan, who didn’t support her dreams — and then she chose a door. We won’t know what’s on the other side unless there’s a season 3, which my behind-the-scenes sources tell me is in the works up north of the border but has yet to be officially announced for pick-up by home network CBC (and thus SOAPnet, stateside).

I have a few theories about what could be going on with this new door concept, namely: 1. She’ll end up in some sort of therapist-with-special-powers training program that would make her a future Dr. Tom to someone else. Or 2. Next season will be structured differently, with Erica perhaps able to explore different life choices and their outcomes, Sliding Doors-style. Maybe this time she chose the life where she starts the publishing house and breaks up with Ethan (the manuscript that prompted her and Julianne to branch out on their own, after all, was called The Purple Door); maybe another episode she could see how things would go if she, say, wrote her own book. Or settled down with Ethan and had babies.

What do you think, Being Erica fans? Any theories? And would you like to see it back on SOAPnet for a third season? Duh, of course you would, so how about: How much would you like to see it back on SOAPnet for a third season?