By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: Barbara Nitke/BravoDetails has released a tease of its May cover featuring True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard in all his high hair, borderline tan glory. The issue hits stands April 13, so you’ll have to wait to read about The Male Multiple Orgasm until then. (That’s a separate cover line. I felt the need to clarify.) You can, however, now go to the magazine’s website for a sneak peek at more images of Skarsgard. I’ve gone on record before saying I prefer him in long-sleeve shirts with heavage, but that shot of his muscles bulging in a black T-shirt is making me reconsider. As far as what’s actually said in the piece about the HBO show, which returns June 13 for season 3, here are the teases we’ve received:

On auditioning for True Blood: “I thought, ‘Oh, vampires — I don’t know, but then they said Alan Ball was behind it, and I was a huge fan of Six Feet Under and American Beauty. I auditioned on tape from my hotel room in Mozambique.”

The audition was actually for the part of Bill Compton, which went to Stephen Moyer. “Alex wasn’t quite right for Bill,” recalls Ball, “but I remember that he was giant and also beautiful. So when it came time to cast Eric, I thought of him.”

On a 15-month stint in the Swedish marines: “Sweden is probably one of the three countries least likely to get in a war, so the military’s pretty safe,” he concedes. The flip side of that is that many missions were downright stultifying. Imagine conducting round-the-clock surveillance of a radio antenna for four days. “You couldn’t talk or move,” Skarsgard recalls. “You had to piss in a bottle. It gave me a lot of time to think about things. I realized I missed being onstage and on a set.”

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