Image Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Jim R. Bounds/AP ImagesTo watch or not to watch: That is the question. According to the Associated Press, Oprah Winfrey will interview Rielle Hunter on an upcoming episode of her daytime talk show. The mother of John Edwards 2-year-old daughter previously spoke with GQ (“Hello, America, My Name is Rielle Hunter”), but this would represent her first televised appearance since the former presidential candidate publicly admitted their affair and accepted paternal responsibility for their child. In the talk-show business, this is what’s known as a “huge get.” But I’m not sure I can stomach an hour more of this story. True, Edwards, as the reckless married man who lied repeatedly, deserves the lion’s share of scorn, but Hunter’s own comments about Edwards’ estranged wife, Elizabeth, have been as inappropriate as her sexy GQ photo spread. Now that Edwards’ political career is kaput, do we really need to grant Hunter a showcase for her version of the tawdry details?

Fair or not, is there anything Hunter can tell Oprah that will improve her public image? Do you even want to hear what she has to say? Will you watch?