By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 03, 2020 at 01:52 PM EDT
The Good Wife

There are so many things to dissect in last night’s episode of The Good Wife (check out Ken Tucker’s recap). But naturally, it’s “the phone call” — and specifically, the line Will (Josh Charles) said off-camera that caused Alicia (Julianna Margulies) to respond “Will, don’t say that please” while discussing the post-kiss weird place they’re inhabiting — that I zeroed in on. Since a few of you were also wondering what he said, I asked. According to cocreator Robert King, in their minds, it would be something like this…

(From the top)

Will: We’re in a weird place, I know.

Alicia: It’s okay.

Will: No… I don’t like bein’ in a weird place.

Alicia: I know… Me neither.

Will: When I look at you during the day… I want to know what you’re thinking.

Alicia: Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m thinking… Will…

Will: Yeah.

Alicia: If it had been differently… at Georgetown, if it had been us, and not Peter… we would have lasted a week.

Will: No we wouldn’t have.

Alicia: We would have. It’s romantic because it didn’t happen. If it had happened, it would’ve just… been life.

Will: And what’s wrong with life? I could see that.

Alicia: Will, don’t say that please.

Is it what you expected? I think it’s revealing for Will: He may not give up so easily. For Alicia, it gives her response multiple possible meanings: Does she not want him to talk about them in a real sense because she knows he’s only going to get hurt, because it forces her to think about what could’ve been, or because she doesn’t want the drama of thinking about what could be? We have some time to ponder it — the next new episode airs April 27. In the meantime, read what Josh Charles has to say about the Will-Alicia sexual tension and getting whistled at on the street.

Note to the Good Wife publicist who thinks I have a “Good Wife After Hours show” in my head: I swear I don’t even know how to whistle.

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