By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 07, 2010 at 06:37 PM EDT

Just catching up on clips from last night’s Tonight Show. I highly recommend the Kirstie Alley interview if you want to see her in a bikini on The Love Boat and hear all about how she has two full-time zookeepers who take care of her lemurs (animals she’s kept for 30 years) and the blind date she slept with (he had an extremely tiny member but the cojones to ask her, “What does baby want?”). David Boreanaz was Jay Leno’s second guest, and in addition to going through all the jobs he got fired from pre-stardom (selling gourmet food door-to-door, gym towel boy) and how it took 42 takes to film his father’s cameo in Bones‘ 100th episode Thursday (why doesn’t his dad pick up what he Xeroxed?), he shared the story about the first time he ran into Alley. He used to put on a suit and sneak on to studios when he first got to L.A. in 1991. He breezed by security on the Paramount lot and ended up on the set of Cheers. “They were rehearsing, and I just blended in, in the background,” he says. He thought about approaching her, but then they called lunch and the free meal won out. Leno had another flashback planned — of Boreanaz’s first paying gig, a guest spot on Married… With Children as Kelly’s biker date. Leno showed a clip. We’ve got a different, longer one after the jump. He’s come such a long way…

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