You thought it was over? Silly. With Jesse James dominating the headlines these days, there could very well be a renewed interest in tattoos, arguments, and motorcycle customization! TLC has announced the revival of American Chopper, the motorcycle-building series that ran on Discovery Channel from 2003-07 and TLC from 2008-10 (the Feb. 10 episode was said to be the series finale). The entire Teutel clan will return, including the long-feuding father-son duo, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. (refresh your memory of their testosterone-rich dynamic in a clip after the jump), and Mikey. Since Paul Jr. ended up leaving to start his own design firm, the reality show could now revolve around him. (James, of course, is not involved. I was just being a brat.)

I used to watch this show. I worked at a media research company and had to write 10-question surveys based on key plot points. The questions were supposed to be action-based, but the action was so technical none of the survey-takers would ever be able to remember it. I remember writing scores and scores of questions just based on the Big Paul/Paulie tiffs. “What did Paul Jr. do that caused Paul Sr. to storm out of the Orange County Choppers workroom for the fourth time in an hour?” A) Asked for help in fabricating a frame; B) Suggest he could try being polite to a consultant; C) Uttered a complete, expletive-free sentence; D) Took a single sip of refreshing water. Ah. My roarin’ early 20s.